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Transportation Programs

Connecting you to where you need to go

Living in a rural area such as Deposit, it can be difficult to get to vital appointments outside of town. If you need to get to a medical or human resource appointment, but lack the means to get there, we can help.


Monday thru Friday our team of volunteer drivers take clients to and from

their important destinations. This service is free of charge, however we do request donations. This program is very expensive to run, and donations of any amount are extremely helpful and allow us to continue providing rides to those in need. 

Common destinations include, but are not limited to:

  • Binghamton General Hospital

  • UHS Centers on the Vestal Parkway

  • Broome Department of Social Services

  • Delaware Opportunities

  • Delaware Department of Social Services

  • Lourdes Hospital

Senior Companion Program

Our Senior Companion Program is currently on pause, we hope to resume this program in the near future. 

Space is limited for people and thier purchases. Trips take maximum of three clients.

Van Tour

Take a tour of our van

Schedule a Ride

How to Schedule a Ride in 3 Steps

Click here to download a printable version of scheduling and our rules/policies.

Step One: Call our office at 607-467-4000.

Though we ask that you call at least one or two weeks prior to your appointment, it is best to call as soon as you know you need a ride. We run on first come first serve, and days can fill up quickly. There are clients who call months in advance.

Next, provide the details (in this order):

  • Date and time of the appointment

  • Your Name

  • Home Address (we pick you up right from your door)

  • Phone Number (must be reliable working number. See Rules and Policies for details)

  • Location of the appointment (exact address)

You will also be asked how long the appointment might take. It is important in case there are other clients scheduled that day, and for the driver to know since they are volunteering their time.

Step TwoWait for us to call you back with the driver information.


We will call to inform you of your driver’s name, and when they will pick you up. Pick up time depends on distance to appointment. If going to the Binghamton area, the pick-up time is usually one hour prior to your scheduled appointment. However, if there are other clients scheduled to ride with you, this time could be earlier. 

We work very hard to find drivers, but sometimes no one is available. If that happens, we can provide you open dates and times if you need to reschedule. We can also call your doctor’s office to reschedule the appointment directly. We will not do this without your permission!

Step Three: Get to your appointment with ease!


Our volunteer driver will pick you up at your house and get you to where you need to go. When the last appointment is finished, they will pick you up and take you back home.

Want to go on a Saturday Shopping trip? All the steps are the same. Just tell us where you want to go and we will get you there!

Rules and Policies

~Contact us if you have any questions~

  • No one can schedule your rides for you. You must contact us. (There are certain exceptions).

  • Belongings are not to be left in the van. You must take them with you to your appointment.

  • Wherever you get dropped off is where you must be for pick up. Any change in this must be coordinated with the driver. If you are not at the designated location at the pick-up time, you may be left behind at the driver’s discretion.

  • This service is free of charge; however, we do request donations. This program is expensive, and donations of any amount help us continue providing rides to those in need. 

  • You must have a reliable phone number! The staff and drivers need to be able to reach you in case of changes/cancellations. The driver will call you the night before to confirm the trip. If they can’t reach you, they cannot confirm the trip and it will be cancelled at their discretion.

  • If you no longer need a ride, or if there’s a change to your appointment, you need to call the office ASAP! It’s important that the staff, and driver know of changes ahead of time. The office is only open Mon/Wed/Fri, so if you leave a message when we’re closed, we won’t be able to tell the driver that day. Therefore, drivers call before the trip to confirm everything.   

  • **Three strikes policy; if you frequently cancel trips or make changes without proper notice, we will suspend services for 6 months. You will be warned if you have a strike. **

  • We never give you the driver’s phone number. If they give you their number, do not call the drivers for Deposit Foundation rides. You must call our office. If you harass our drivers for rides, we will suspend services for 6 months.                     


  • Please call at least one week in advance to schedule a ride. We understand that sometimes you don’t know until the last minute, and in certain cases we try to help. However, the day/time could already be booked, and it’s difficult finding a driver with so little time.

  • If you consistently call the day of, or day before an appointment, we will suspend services for 6 months.

  •  Since we try to schedule multiple clients per trip, on occasion there may be a long wait time. However, we usually try to keep wait times minimal by scheduling clients whose appointments occur around the same time/location.

  • If you can’t be out long for any reason such as medical/physical limitations, or if you need to be home for something important such as picking up your child from day care, let us know.

  •  All drivers are volunteers, so please be courteous, and considerate of their time.

  •  If any driver gives you issue, or makes you feel uncomfortable, please call and let us know.

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