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   When you volunteer for the Deposit Foundation, you impact the lives in your local community.

You can feed hungry families, get clients to their medical appointments, put a smile on a child’s face during the holiday, or guide the Deposit Foundation as a board member.

Ginger and Friend 1.jpg

If you would like to volunteer, download and print an application, or stop in our office to pick one up. 

Contact us if you have any questions!

Join our board of directors!

Ideal for people who:

  • Want to make a difference in the lives of others.

  • Want to get more involved.

  • Enjoy working with peers.

Go Team

Help guide the Deposit Foundation and ensure that our programs and services are the best they can be and reach most people possible! 

What are some things that board members do?

Meet once a month to ensure effective planning and adequate financial resources.

Make sure our programs fit our mission statement.

Volunteer at fundraising and other organization events. 

If interested, please fill out a volunteer application and call the office at 467-4000.

Board of Directors Vol.

Become a volunteer driver

Ideal for people who:

  • Have a lot of free time and a flexible schedule

  • Enjoy socializing and meeting new people.

  • Must have a clean driving record. 

Ginger with Rosemarie and VAN.JPG

"I've lived in Deposit for years and ever since I started driving I've been meeting all new people. It's amazing, really."

-volunteer driver

How it works

You tell us when you're usually free, and we will call you when we have a ride. We will tell you the time and locations of the scheduled appointments, and you decide whether or not you can take them. 

Perks and Benefits 

  • You can run errands while you wait for the client(s).

  • If you or someone in your care has an appointment, you can call us to use the van.

Availability examples:

"I can drive anytime."

"I can only drive Monday mornings."

 "I can do Tuesdays and Thursdays."

"I can only do trips in Deposit."

Pencil and notepad
Dan and Ginger with Van Cropped.jpg

"We knew so many people, and had a nice talk.”-client about driver

Help others get affordable food and other necessities by driving for our weekend shopping program!


You don't have to drive every weekend, and you can do your shopping too!

White Shopping Bag
White Shopping Bag

If interested, fill out a driver application. If approved, we will go through a short orientation to get you familiar with our van and procedures. Once  you are placed on our insurance, you can start driving!

Vol. Driver

Help at Friendship Table meals

Ideal for people who:

  • Enjoy helping out.

  • Like to socialize.

  • Open to all ages (note that some tasks require certain physically ability).

The Cooks.jpg

Our Friendship Table meal brings people in our community together. Come be a friendly face!

Perks and Benefits 

  • Free, delicious meal.

  • Socialize with your friends and neighbors.

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Rotary Jim 1.jpg

~Volunteer Positions~

The Friendship Table is every fourth Wednesday of the month, from September-May.


​ Set up

Time commitment: 3:30-4:00

Set up usually takes two people. These volunteers help set up the tables, put out place mats and silverware, and get the refreshments ready.


Time commitment: 4:30-6:00

Sit at the sign in table and greet everyone as they come in. Remind them to sign their name and note their age group. Graciously accept donations.


Time commitment: 4:30-6:00

Depending on the meal, we could need up to three volunteers to help serve. Servers mostly stay in the kitchen and load up the plates with the food. Must wear hair nets, gloves and aprons. 

Clean up

Time commitment: 5:30-6:30

Some servers are expected to help with clean up, but we could also use two extra hands for this. They clear off the tables, and put away any extra tables and chairs the church doesn't need out. ​​


If you'd like to help, fill out a volunteer application and we'll add you to our Friendship Table call list!

FT Volunteer

Spread some holiday cheer and volunteer for Toys for Tots!

Toys for Tots provides gifts to children and teens in our Deposit community.

Get into the holiday spirit and volunteer! There are many ways you can help out.

Shop for gifts 

Help our coordinator find gifts from the children's wish list! 

Sort gifts

Help our coordinator sort donated and purchased gifts into various categories. With their direction snag a gift from the child's list and put it in the bag with their ID number.

Help on distribution day 

We distribute gifts on a Saturday before the holidays. Parents and guardians come to the office to get the bags of gifts for their family.

You can help by getting all the bags in order, setting up the tables of free books from the school, and/or help find the bags for each family. 

Toys for Tots starts in November.

Tots Vol.
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