Assistance & Referral

Providing aid, and connecting you to local agencies

We provide hands- on assistance and referral services for those in need of help but don’t know where to turn. We help with applications, appeals, referrals to numerous local, state and federal assistance programs, as well as other assistance related needs.


Our liaison services help to simplify and streamline the process, getting you help sooner rather than later.

To get started, call or stop into our office. 

*We only provide services for those who live within the Deposit School District*

You will be asked some basic questions in order to assess what programs you may be eligible for. Be assured that all information is kept completely confidential.

We will provide you with information on programs and services that could help you. In many cases, we'll start calling them to promptly connect you.

If you do not live within the school district, or would like to start looking for help on your own, check out our Links page for a list of programs and services.

Phone: 607-467-4000

Fax: 607-467-4399

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