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Become a volunteer driver

Why  go with a stranger when you get a ride from your friends and neighbors from your local community. 

Our Transportation Program runs on volunteer drivers. Though we take care of the scheduling, and  provide the vehicle, gas, and insurance, it is the driver's job to get the clients to their vital appointments.

Such appointments include, cardiology, chemotherapy, dental, orthopedic, primary care, court, social services, and many more.

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Availability examples:

One of our drivers volunteers on Monday mornings, another only does Tuesday and Thursdays, and a few are open any day during the week.

How it works

As a volunteer, you tell us when you're generally free, and we will call you when we have a ride. We will tell you the time and locations of the scheduled appointments, and you decide whether or not you can take them. 

Perks and Benefits 

  • You can run errands while you wait for the client(s).

  • If you or someone in your care has an appointment, you can call us to use the van.


Drivers must have a valid driver's licence, a clean driving record, and a friendly manner.

Pencil and notepad

If interested, please fill out a volunteer driver application, or give us a call if you have further questions.


If approved, we will go through a short orientation to get you familiar with the van and our procedures. Then once you are placed on our insurance, you can start driving!

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