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September 2017

Bake Sale Fundraiser

September 15

Our bake sale raised over $200 for The Deposit Foundation Programs! We would like to thank our wonderful volunteer bakers who donated the delicious treats. 

Friendship Table Meal

September 27

We had our first Friendship Table meal of the season held at the United Methodist Church in Deposit. The heat didn't beat community residents who eagerly sunk their teeth into the delicious pulled pork meal prepared by Betty Reynolds. 

This meal happens once a month so be sure to check out the Upcoming Events page or the Friendship Table page for upcoming dates, and menus!

Lourdes Mission in Motion Mobile Mammography Van

September 25

The Friendship Program sponsored the Lourdes Mission in Motion Van which provides free breast and cervical screenings for women. We were certainly impressed by the van. It was like a doctor's office but travel sized. The Mission in Motion van is a convient way for locals to get the care they need.


The van will be returning December 25. To make an appointment for a van service or test, call Lourdes Central Scheduling at 607-798-5723

July 2017

​​Free Beginner Yoga Classes


Every Thursday evening in July we had regular groups of nine who attended these classes. It is vital at any age to stay physically active, but once you hit a certain age this can become difficult.  Those who attended these courses learned a variety of poses designed to stretch your muscles and get you moving without too much strain. Everyone had a lot of fun too!

We would like to thank Suzanne Warren for offering her time to instruct each class and the First United Methodist Church for letting us use the space.

Lumberjack Festival Pulled Pork Sidewalk Sales and Parade!!


Our annual pulled pork sales went well this year bringing in almost $600 for our programs. We would like to thank Betty Reynolds for her fantastic cooking, and our wonderful volunteers for all their help.


The Deposit Foundation transportation van was also featured in the Lumberjack Festival parade. One of our volunteer drivers, Dan Rychliki, was kind enough to not only drive the van in the parade but also provide the candy, which he and another one of our wonderful drivers, tossed to the children watching the parade. Dan said he was surprised on how quickly they went through the candy and will certainly bring more next year. 

Canoe and Kayak Race Fundraising Event


On Sunday July 30th, the Deposit Foundation held a Canoe and Kayaking Race to raise funds for its many programs. Scott's Family Resort was kind enough to host the event, and we greatly appreciate their generosity. The event would have been nothing without them, and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

Helping others is an awesome feeling, but kayaking and canoeing at the lake is grand. Friends came together to challenge each other and cheer each other on. Though the races were short (approximately half mile course) the fun was never ending.


The Deposit Foundation would like to thank it’s wonderful board of directors, and the numerous volunteers who came to help.  The board members included Judy Lloyd, Elizabeth Manchio, and Becky Raymond, who brought along her husband Terry.  Peg Blackman and Kristy Klass were additional volunteers who were happy to help.  To complete our volunteer crew, the Deposit Water and Rescue team were at the ready, and provided the comfort of knowing that everyone would be safe in case of an emergency.  Thanks so much to Chris Zacharias, Tyler Hatch, Joanna Hempstead, Trevor Hempstead, Trevor Stiles, Chase Raymond and Marisa Reis for your service to our community.


That morning on the lake, the rhythmic pull of the water mixed in with the joyous conversation and laughter of all those who attended.  This was the first time the Deposit Foundation has done an event like this, and we have learned a lot from it. We will build from what we have learned and next year will be bigger, with even more fun to be had. There may even be larger prizes to win, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled next summer!

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