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Service Unit of Deposit

Doing the most good for our community

Since funds are based on what we raise during the kettle drive in December, the money is extremely limited. Please request a voucher only if you have a dire need!

The Deposit Foundation works as the local service unit for Deposit. This makes us the "treasurer" of the funds raised during the seasonal kettle drives. All but 10% of the money raised from the kettle drive at the Big M goes back to helping people in our community.


The Deposit Foundation can write vouchers designed to provide emergency assistance for individuals and families. We work with local businesses to ensure you receive immediate local aid.


Vouchers can be used for:

  • Camping at Long Point

  • Lifesaving Prescriptions

  • and other emergency needs.

This assistance is provided to individuals and families once per year. For example, if you received a voucher in June, you will would not be able to receive another voucher until June of the following year. 

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